DAY 1: Day and Night
3 panels, 4ft x 4ft per panel

DAY 2: Water and Sky
3 panels, 4ft x 4ft per panel

 DAY 3: Earth and Sea
3 panels, 4ft x 4ft per panel

 DAY 4: Sun, Moon and Stars
3 panels, 4ft x 4ft per panel

 DAY 5: Birds and Sea Creatures
3 panels, 4ft x 4ft per panel

 DAY 6: Beasts, Livestock and Humanity
2 panels, 4ft x 8ft, 4ft x 4ft

 DAY 7: Rest
3 panels, 4ft x 4ft per panel

A solo show by Rudy San Pedro.

January 10 - 22, 2012 at ArtistSpace, Ayala Museum
Makati Avenue corner De la Rosa Street, Makati, Metro Manila

Inspired by the age-old Hebrew story of creation, the exhibit comprises of 7 large artworks, each a triptych, representing the seven days outlined in Genesis. From abstract re-imaginings of light and space to fully-formed creatures of the sea, land and sky, the artist adds a masterful spin to the almost-too-familiar imagery by beginning the narrative in abstract, gradually rendering the succeeding works in an abstract-realistic hybrid and ending with fully realistic paintings.

This progression in style both showcases the artist's versatility in skill and vision, while encouraging spectator participation in seeing images take form as the story is told. With Genesis, the artist aims to suggest that creation constantly unfolds before us. The choice is ours to be mere spectators of it, or active participants.