Born in Manila, Rodrigo “Rudy” San Pedro studied fine arts at the University of Santo Tomas, putting himself through school by illustrating comic books, painting movie billboards and designing product packaging.

In his twenties, Rudy dabbled in painting, sculpture, illustration and other media, winning on-the-spot art competitions and participating in group exhibitions. He eventually entered advertising, first as a graphic artist and then as an art director, garnering awards from local and foreign bodies.

Rudy returned to fine arts in 2006. A New Leaf, an aptly entitled one-man show in 2009, marked his transition back into art with over 28 oil and acrylic paintings on canvas depicting plants at their most natural. In 2012, he created a new series, Genesis, which re-imagines the creation story via seven large triptychs featuring a narrative progression from abstract to realistic.